Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Using the Hotline

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Make an air talent's day. I like to hotline talent (or stick my head in the studio door) when they're doing something wonderful.

Its not always something big; more often than not its something small that the talent likely wouldn't remember doing five minutes later.

It lets them know they're doing something right. It shares my level of enthusiasm for the on-air product and acknowledges the talent's role and their contribution. It makes my day to make their day.

It makes the rest of the coaching process so much easier.

I'm reminded of this by David Martin this morning. Here. Dave shares some great tips on dealing with and coaching talent, what to listen for, etc. And he's promised more tomorrow. The beauty of blogs. Thanks Dave!

I rarely use the hotline for criticism. Hardly ever the right time. Not during a shift. Use the hotline for emergencies and vital stuff. And to say "that was a great bit".

Listening as I write: via the web - to "2-fer Tuesday" on New York's Q104.3 - and the first of two from REM ("Man On THe Moon"). Too cool. Your mileage will vary.

Spring book: congrats to classic rock WFBQ/Indianapolis. The Bob & Tom flagship finished #1 P25-54, per Anthony Acampora's analysis on All Access.

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