Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

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Good afternoon from Michigan

From my blogosphere:

David Martin: "What would have to happen....for us to be rated #1?". Dave makes a strong case for asking your staff that question (and a few others). Here.

Congrats to Dave on signing the legendary Tom Kent for representation.

Mark Ramsey writes about
the difference between listening and hearing. Some thoughts in the PPM world.

"One of the things radio critics regularly ignore is that radio is only partially designed for "listeners." It's also designed for "hearers." And anyone who cares enough to criticize what they hear on the radio is not a "hearer."
A great read here.

Dave Lange.
Dave writes about a recent Bridge Ratings study on the "New Influentials" - those in your audience likely to "spread the word".

Dave also offers his suggestions about your marketing plan and the innovation of your product. Read

Fred Jacobs. Check out his thoughts on the online video revolution and how that should impact your stations website. Here.

Paul Jacobs: Paul has a great piece this morning on "the keys to building brands." Here.

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