Friday, August 3, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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More classic rock spring winners: In Denver KRFX holds steady 12-plus - though swaps rank (5 to 6) with sister AAA KBCO. Also in the Mile High City: the more eclectic KQMT improves its 12-plus numbers slightly.

In Colorado Springs, KKFM recovers from a rough winter book. Up in Portland: KGON is up a point and a half 12-plus with its best numbers in four books; good enough for #3.

KZOK in Seattle is off less than a half point - but falls a bit in rank.

Added: Pittsburgh's WDVE simply dominates. 12+, 18-34, 18-49, 25-54. Wow.

Let's order pizza and talk radio. Tuesday I wrote here about surveying your database again - especially if its been awhile.

Taking it to the next level, I've recently been reminded through listener club invitations about the significance of asking listeners what they think with Listener Advisory Board meetings.

A couple hours spent in the station conference room with a qualified panel of your P1s can really be an eye-opener.

Some stations will compensate listeners with a small cash incentive - but it might be as simple as feeding them and offering some items from the prize closet. Make it show-biz by showing them around the station - perhaps a moment or two in the studio to meet your on-air talent.

The whole experience makes them part of the process - gives them ownership - and pays off with some very candid views of your station.

Have a great weekend; more here Sunday.

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