Friday, August 24, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

87° - cloudy & humid at 9am; more rain likely today. Left: eastern sky here this am

Happy Friday. Last night we caught just the northern edge of the storm that did damage in Chicago after it moved across the lake.

Springsteen: Been told that a certain New York City AC station spun the new Bruce/E Street Band single ("Radio Nowhere") this morning. Perhaps more than once. Later: more "leaks" detected around the country. Update: I just heard it. It rocks; what a song!

Added: The search engine buzz on this record is very strong - judging by this pings this blog has had via search engines with a post about The Boss days ago. Its great to see the excitement over new music from an important artist in classic rock. Added: Listen to the song here (via Hype Machine).

"The Workforce" drives numbers.
We knew that - but PPM really shows it. Give me a live body on the air after morning drive to talk to (and bond with) at-work listeners on-air, on the phone and via email.

Points from yesterday's Arbitron's consultant fly-in - via Tom Taylor's Newsletter:

“I can’t emphasize it enough, that working persons drive radio listening.”

"...they’re the ones who turn out to be the star class of radio users – partly because they punch in their favorite stations while they commute to and form work, and because they may well be listening at work. In fact “working persons have 66% more radio listening.”

"(Arbitron's) John Snyder says part of the PPM success of stations like WMMR, Philadelphia is that men – its natural core audience – are more likely to be in the workforce."

More: Paragon Media Strategies posts about the "Major Differences Between Diary and PPM Results" Read here.

Lee Arnold: Lee with a great post about the most significant music album ever - released 40 years ago yesterday.


Have a great weekend; more here Sunday.

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