Saturday, September 1, 2007

Arbitron Notes from Holland Cooke

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Welcome to September!

Its "green" here as Michigan State kicks off another season of Spartan football today at noon.

McVay Media's Holland Cooke
came back from Arbitron's Consultant Fly-In with some great notes he's sharing with the rest of us. A great read - no matter if your market is (or will be) PPM, diary based or unrated. Holland's notes can be found here.

"...doing good programming, and constantly inviting new cume to sample it, remains the formula for success" -Holland Cooke

Bonus: See video of his Arbitron fortress visit in Columbia here.

But wait! There's more:
Cooke is offering a free peek at his monthly newsletter. Holland is a news/talk consultant - but there's plenty of great ideas applicable to classic rock and many other formats.

In his September newsletter - check out his thoughts on station imaging ("consider NOT using an announcer") ; buying TV in January - and talent coaching tips. All part of "8 ideas in 7 minutes".
Read here.

Thank you Holland. And thanks to consultant Jaye Albright and her Breakfast Blog for the lead on these resources.

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