Friday, September 7, 2007

More HD Radio & iPOD...

HD Radio and iPOD. There's more information this morning following yesterday's announcement of a new generation of HD Radio tuners that will allow consumers to "tag" song they hear on HD for download via iTunes.

Inside Radio reporting:

"Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the HD Radio Alliance will team up with Apple and Polk for a 13-week multimillion dollar ad campaign to market the new HD Radio-ready interface. It's part of the ongoing $250 million HD advertising campaign."

IR also reports Ibiquity's Bob Struble saying that stations will have to upgrade their HD equipment with a "small box" to their existing system or upgrade software to encode for iTunes.

Any issues/conflicts with Arbitron's encoding of programming for PPM? Me thinks not - but there's no dumb questions.

Mark Ramsey asks here this morning if "
HD radio has been reduced to being a storefront for iTunes?"

Me wonders: "Does radio fight consumer shifts to new things (like the iPOD) or do we provide compatibility - with the introduction of new technology like HD Radio?

Paragon Media's Bob Harper comments:
"when are we going to get around to the Horses - the unique, unforgettable, and demanding Programming?" Read here.

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