Friday, September 7, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Welcome to the weekend (close enough).

Fall Book Promos.
Noting stations getting their on-air tactics together with forced listening "Workforce Payroll" promos in the plans so far for a couple stations:

WIMZ/Knoxville kicks off Workforce Cash this Monday - ahead of the book - with $100 an hour plus a chance at $1000 bonus each Thursday.
P.S. to WIMZ: you might want to check the dates on those official rules - oops!

One of Tony Soprano's fav stations - WWUZ/Fredericksburg is banking a bunch of bucks on one day with a $500 an hour Workforce Payday on Thursday, September 27th.

More fall promotions in the days to come.

WVIC/Lansing continues "Chords For A Cause". Last month, I wrote here about the Eddie Money autographed guitar being auctioned off on-line.

This month WVIC has another guitar - this one autographed by members of Foreigner - to benefit another local charity. A great promotion and fine work by PD Joe Thomas.

SNL Radio. Westwood One adds Saturday Night Live audio and resources to its lineup. Details in the press release here.

I've always preferred access to raw audio to produce and customize as I wish on the station level. For use in station-branded bits and imaging. Hopefully its part of the package in addition to any "produced" features.

Real Time with PPM. Minute-by-minute results. Larry Johnson of Paragon Media writes:

"The minute-by-minute genie conceivably could be used by programmers to review the exact content during which people tuned out. While this has the potential to be a good coaching tool, it could also zap the stuff that Fans love. If programmers try to cut objectionable programming, they may be homogenizing content that generates Fans to the station."

Read Larry's complete piece - with reader comments - here.

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