Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Programming from the NAB Radio Show and R&R Convention

I've watched Mark Ramsey's NAB presentation twice now - "Seducing PPM: The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Ratings".

I'll likely watch it again in the next week. That good.

Its a self-described "Forensic Deep Dive" - examining listener habits, marketing (strategic vs. tactical and why both are important), on-air contesting and "events" that matter, what happens when the mic comes on and more. All compiled from available PPM data.

The beautiful thing is that Mark's revelations apply to both diary and metered markets.

Download the presentation video here. PDF files also available - but you really need the narration that comes with the video.

Mark qualifies his findings stating that its all preliminary. As more and more of the Top 50 markets go PPM - theories will be confirmed, revised, added to and thrown out. Its an exciting time for radio programmers.

Quotes from Charlotte via R&R:

WMGK/Philadelphia PD Charley Lake speaking at the Jacobs Media Summit: PPM Rocks - on the introduction of the meter to the market: “I stressed to my staff that our job remains the same – making great radio.” Yep!

Lincoln Financial Media's Tom Jackson - at one of the R&R AC sessions talked about the mindset that older listeners are not interested in going online for their stations:
"You're letting your stereotypes come into play much too much."

"They're investing online. They'll come to your site if there's compelling info. Many stations don't see the need to invest in their sites, so the numbers aren't there, and it's a self-fulfilling prophecy."

CBS Radio's Dan Mason - in a live session with R&R's Erica Farber: "
I've gone out of my way to say we're not going to cram down decisions any more..." " won't see us rolling out 10 new stations at a time."

Speaking of the CBS stations - Mason said:
"I want to hear the imaging, I want to hear what they sound like. I may be the only president that reads radio message boards but I want to know what the people are saying about our radio stations"

Very cool Dan.

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