Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Product Placement + Middays With Dave Lange

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Good Morning.

Last night: My wife and I were watching the final season episode of "The Closer" on TNT - with her remarking about all the "product placement" in the show.

I was a oblivious to it - but she pointed out both a T-Mobile ring tone and a brand of cookie that I don't recall now.

What about radio? When I was with one large broadcasting company, there were many discussions about product (or advertiser) placement in short jock raps in lieu of long station promos. Makes a lot of sense in this day and age.

Then again - is this going too far? We report. You decide.

More from Dave Lange. On his blog he's posting the "5 Realities from PPM that apply to EVERYONE". This morning its Part 2 - and all about the importance of "At Work" listening.

With apologies to Dave for over-quoting:

"Even in the diary books we usually see the Classic Rock is #2 in At Work listening and all forms of rock do better than many expect at work. With the PPM Meter automatically recording listening, instead of relying on recall (Abitron's Gary Marince) feels we are seeing even more TSL from at work in PPM than we see in the diary- and he has all the data at his finger tips."

"If you've ever looked at the diaries it's easy to see At Work listening with that entry at the top of the page and a squiggly line all the way down to 5p racking up 25-30 quarter hours in 1 day."

"How much effort are you putting into at work listening?"

"In some markets mid-days is a daypart where we most often 'hard drive' it with the PD, VT talent or a production person doing the shift."

More from Dave here. An excellent read with some great suggestions; time well spent.

Its my feeling that (usually) outside of mornings - middays are the most important shift of the day for classic rock radio - in need of a live, living, breathing voice on the air talking to the at-work listener. Lots of interaction. Promotions geared for work crowd.

Listen to middays on WCSX or WKLH.

Just a few stations that come to mind that really get what middays should be.

Be inspired and create great classic rock radio.

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