Monday, September 10, 2007

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Late post; busy day.

Welcome to Monday.

Programming lessons learned from PPM. I've been writing on this blog about lessons and listener trends we're learning from the two Arbitron PPM markets so far. And I've been an advocate of using these lessons and using them in diary-based markets.

McVay Media's Dave Lange
beings an excellent series today on "5 Realities from PPM that apply to EVERYONE". One reality each day.

You Reach A lot More Than You Thought
"One thought for everyone - PPM market or stuck with Diaries forever: You're on air marketing, imaging, and promotions reaches a lot more of the market than you thought. How many times have we all felt that we didn't have enough outside marketing to grow the station? No billboards, TV or direct marketing for long stretches.

Do you really need to use other media to grow your audience?"

Dave notes in Houston (PPM), The Buzz (alternative) and Arrow (classic rock) combined reach 20% of the market (before breaking out any target demos). A great read here.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow.

Led Zeppelin reunited. Might be with this splash page on the Led Zep website. Lee Arnold posts some news via Billboard here. Fall promotion?

Added: Protecting the franchise. AC WBEB/Philadelphia grabs the rights to "Fresh".

WBEB Consultant (and soon-to-be-former PD) Chris Conley tells R&R:
"It's not like we're changing the name to 'Fresh' tomorrow, but we can incorporate the brand into our marketing and imaging, as we see fit. We now own the trademark for the market here. It's a strategic decision that made sense for us."

Dinner time. More tomorrow.

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