Thursday, September 27, 2007

Programming Highlights From The NAB

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Spent part of today at the Michigan Secretary of State to renew vehicle tags; there's likely to be a shutdown of State Government here soon due to a budget impasse - it needed to get done now.

Despite the long lines, it really wasn't a bad experience in East Lansing.

Various online trades and blogs reporting news out of the convention in Charlotte. Thanks to All Access, R&R, Radio-Info, Inside Radio and Edison Media's Sean Ross for sharing with the rest of the world.

Of interest to programmers so far:

The NAB announced a new marketing program for radio - named "Radio 2020". R&R reports that the campaign will be a "comprehensive marketing outreach, through radio and print advertisements, incorporating messaging from both a national and local level."

It will also promote "playlist variety and format diversity", including HD programming.

As much as I hate to admit it - there's this skeptic in me waiting for something less-than-spectacular. But I really hope this is something that will blow me away.

Jacobs Media unveiled the "Bedroom Project" - focusing on young adult use of digital media - and radio. All Access reporting that Jacobs focused on how radio is generally not listened to in the home by young adults, and noted that radio's stronghold, the car, is being encroached upon by iPods.

Meanwhile in another session - CBS Radio's Kurt Johnson responded to recent comments by Columbia Record's Rick Rubin that suggested youth aren't listening to radio anymore by saying "
CBS has done its own research and found that's not true -- if it were, why would Columbia reps still be calling stations and asking for adds?"

In an "adult formats" session - WQDR/Raleigh PD Lisa McKay talked about connecting with listeners. R&R quotes Lisa: "I think there's a direct connection between TLC and TSL: the more love you put into your station, the more you get back.

It's the handshake effect: You reach out, they reach back. Make the connection, answer e-mails, answer phones."

And its so easy to do. A no-brainer.

R&R also reporting that Adult Formats panel moderator Mike McVay described the current diary system -- and ratings in general -- as a popularity contest much like political elections. "I've tried to create programming that makes my stations popular. What gets stations elected?"

Kurt Johnson of CBS Radio replied: "
You have to make sure your station is going through the steps that your listeners fall in love with you: Look attractive, listen to them, show you have a clue and that you're someone they want to be with, then keep it going long-term by keep doing nice things and put things in the bank"

There's more to come Friday - including what looks to be a great PPM session from Mark Ramsey. Stay tuned!

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