Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ghoul Tube From Buffalo's 97 Rock

WGRF/Buffalo PD John Hager continues to engage and his entertain audience - both on the air and on the web.

Every year close to Christmas - John has taken advantage of the free resources of YouTube and has come up with "Yule Tube" - a list of Classic Rock Xmas Videos.

Something I
proudly ripped off while at a sister Citadel station!

Now its Halloween and John does it again. See here. Wonderful stuff Mr. Hager! This is something that any station can do - a list put together with a little imagination and a little YouTube searching. And another reason for your listeners to visit your website.

I'd rip this off no matter where I'm working. What a great concept!

And it looks like John's efforts are spreading to other Citadel classic rockers - here's one that even has it sold:

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