Friday, October 26, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

54° - overcast at 11:30am

I've got company.
No school for kids here today; as of now one's glued to the TV - another with World of Warcraft on their Dell.

Listening: To KCDX on the web with morning coffee. Just heard "Headed For A Fall" by Firefall. Nice! Some other surprises too.

Mark Ramsey's Hear 2.0. Yesterday Mark wrote
here about how the Arbitron diary and how its biased against satellite and internet radio. My thought: The diary due for redesign. It should be user-friendly to record all radio, no matter the source. As an industry, we need the data.

Follow-up post this morning:
Mark on streaming, Arbitron and that pesky AFTRA problem. Read

Dave Lange.
Dave reviews Mark Ramsey's NAB presentation on PPM and offers some thoughts on restructuring your clocks (and where your on-air talent talks) to prevent "Mic Flight":

"If we somehow re-worked the clocks so the personalities were doing more between the songs and perhaps we started going from a sweeper into spots perhaps our personality assets wouldn't end up in the audience trash bag as much."

Dave's entire piece is a great read -

WAXQ/New York's Hottest Mom contest. Since mentioning on this blog back on October 16th, we've seen a lot of search engine interest in this website promotion. Some searches winding up here. A sign of a great promotion.

More Sunday Morning.

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