Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

81 - sunny at 11am

Happy Sunday.

This afternoon its game #2 of my 8-year old's flag football season. Last week his team ("The Chiefs") won 20-8.

Yesterday - to WDRV/Chicago's HD2 "Deep Cuts" channel - hosted by Steve Seaver. Still hearing tunes on that channel that I haven't heard in years.

Yesterday's highlight
was a Simon & Garfunkel track - "The Only Living Boy in New York". Kudos to whoever has their fingers on The Drive's HD2 Selector database. And the research.

Weird....haven't heard that track for at least 30 years but I could still sing along in my head. My
second Simon & Garfunkel moment in as many weeks. And I haven't had any S&G in my collection since I got rid of all my vinyl.

Also listened a bit to WCSX/Detroit yesterday and "Saturday Morning Over Easy". Plus WBFX/Grand Rapids.

This morning its coffee with "Rock & Roll Roots" on WDRV - Bob Stroud celebrating John Lennon's birthday (67 this coming Tuesday. Lots of great tunes.

At 11am eastern - its a switch to another "Rock & Roll Roots" on Milwaukee's WKLH. Steve Palec featuring the music of Harry Nilsson - lots from the Nilsson/John Lennon era of the mid-70s.

Streaming is a wonderful thing; if anything to listen to 'KLH and commercials for car dealer Ernie Von Schledorn. So Wisconsin.
Memo to WKLH: Please fix your streaming insertion.

Alan Mason. In his latest post - Alan writes about listening to your critics - your detractors - about what they're saying (or writing on the 'net) about your radio station. Alan blogs:

"If someone says something bad about your station, the worst thing you can do is react defensively. Instead you need to keep listening to those conversations, and thank your detractors for making you better. Some conversations are worth avoiding all together. Others are ones you can join into, but not direct or lead. Talking isn’t the goal, listening is."

More from Alan here. I suggested some ideas here a few months back ways to keep an ear on the 'net about your station.

I recall something that CBS Radio President Dan Mason said during one of the recent R&R sessions in Charlotte:
"I may be the only president that reads radio message boards but I want to know what the people are saying about our radio stations".

Bruce. Tonight "60 Minutes" talks to Mr. Springsteen. CBS-TV 7pm Eastern (or right after NFL Football).

Might be worth rolling tape/TiVo for bites.

Imus. Lots of mixed reports whether its a done deal or not - but Citadel apparently very close to a deal to put Imus back on the air by the end of the year; likely on WABC.

Citadel boss Farid Suleman
quoted as saying “He did something wrong. He didn’t break the law."

Lee Arnold here with "Why Can't I Get Tickets To The Concert?"

Lee's story - from the New York Times - mentions that fans have sometimes found tickets to a concert or event at many times face value - just minutes after the public sale has begun. Say what?

Added: Rick Kaempfer profiles WFGR/Grand Rapids Program Director Len O'Kelly here.

Len a fellow Chicago person; I love his story about having a young airstaff and being "the old married guy".

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