Friday, October 5, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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left: busboard for WXRT/Chicago - more on 'XRT below.

Its been some time since we wrote about PPM on this board. Yesterday the trades reported on the NYC Arbitron breakfast - formally introducing the meter in the nation's largest radio market.

First "pre-currency" PPM data from The Big Apple is scheduled for release on November 7th. Many taking a deep breath November 6th.

PPM Wisdom.
From Paragon Media's Larry Johnson regarding the immediate feedback opportunity with PPM:

"...we need to keep perspective of what we’re observing. For example, it takes about a year for a new morning show to settle in and reach its potential. Guard against trying to cut off a new morning show’s head when PPM panelists register discontent when their favorite morning show has been displaced."

Yep. More insights on PPM from the Paragon blog here.

PPM Rulebook. From Tom Taylor's newsletter this morning - two more PPM programming and marketing "rules" - contributed by Chris Conley - former WBEB/Philadelphia programmer (now with McVay Media):
  • Afternoon drive programming is just as important as morning drive.
  • Brand strategy marketing is more important than hit-and-miss marketing games.
Its my take that much of the PPM Rulebook applies just the same to all markets. Any market can take advantage of the insights and listener knowledge thats coming out of the metered markets.

Very cool campaign. From one-time progressive rocker - now AAA WXRT/Chicago:

Lewis Lazare of The Chicago Sun-Times writes:

"WXRT's new interactive ad campaign, supported via a heavy round of advertising on taxi tops, buses and billboards, was developed in-house and designed by Brainforest/Chicago. It encourages fans of the station to post on the radio station's web they would complete the thought "Chicago without 'XRT would be..."

A very cool promotion and marketing campaign that only a heritage station like 'XRT could pull off. A station that has not only had the time - but has taken the time to cultivate a bond and long-term relationship with its listeners. Something any station could start working on today.

Read the Sun-Times article here. See the campaign on the 'XRT website here. Have a great weekend.

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