Friday, October 12, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Left: classic Koss PRO4AA headphones - Randy Raley's new pride and joy as he prepares to hit the air on 1120/KMOX. More from Randy here.

Welcome to the weekend.

Watching this morning: Streaming video of Jacobs Media Summit 12 sessions. Great stuff. So far have watched "PPM Rocks" and "Punk Marketing". See here. These well worth your time this weekend. Noted some audio problems - just turn off your left channel audio.

In the PPM Rocks session - heard a fun exchange between moderator Fred Jacobs and panel member Charley Lake, PD of Greater Media's WMGK/Philadelphia; Here's Charley answering a question from Fred about having PPM data available weekly:

Charley: "Whereas before we had the 12 monthlies a know once a month you sit down and get your data and go all through it and then you'd take it home. And you now get to do that about 52 times a year."

Fred: "So do you throw up every week now or how does that work?"

Charley: "Well some weeks more than others Fred."

Charley Lake. Watching the PPM Rocks video its clear that Charley is a very impressive programmer.

The respect he exhibits for the staff he inherited is admirable - and he was very candid about the fears and concerns he had about PPM.

Charley concluded his thoughts on PPM stating: "If you do good radio and if you have good personality and good content and good promotions and do your right music research and all of those things - believe me they are very very important - as important as ever". Yessir!

HD Radio. Some common sense from Mark Ramsey:

"HD must transparently appear everywhere. And the only way that will happen is if it's feasible to build it into a $15 dollar clock radio. The "HD advantage" must be free and invisible to consumers."

Mark's complete rant here.

Would this not make it reasonable to include HD as standard on car radios? More radios in the field justifies investments in HD programming, personnel and promotion - with less time and effort marketing expensive radios.

This blog mentioned John Landecker's exit from WZZN/Chicago. This morning we read that the great Greg Brown will be filling the 4-8pm shift at the oldies outlet. Kudos to him.

I wrote about Greg here a few months back.

More here over the weekend.

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