Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mail, PPM, Zeppelin + Bruce & WPLJ

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A nice note yesterday from legendary programmer John Rook.

John shares notes from a conversation he had with another legend - Chicago radio talent Larry Lujack - after Mr. Lujack was named to the NAB Hall of Fame.

Also a kind note early this morning from Dave Martin. Dave has a Lujack story on his blog too.
Here. Earlier in the week email from Bob Stroud and Steve Seaver. Thank you.

Speaking of Chicago:
Sad news. Rick Kaempfer passing along word that Citadel's oldies WZZN has made no offer to retain veteran air talent John "Records" Landecker. The Chicago Sun-Times story here. Its reported that John's 12+ ratings lead the station.

One of the coolest moments in my radio life was spending a few hours in the WLS studio back in the mid-70s watching Landecker do his shift (complete with "Boogie Check") and being able to chat with him off-mike. After moving here to Lansing a few years ago discovered than John also logged time here early in his career. An incredible talent.

PPM: Arbitron released latest PPM cume numbers in Philadelphia and Houston yesterday. Find them in the usual places.

- Arbitron and DMR Interactive have released a new study: "P1s in the PPM World: Insights into the listeners who matter most". Dave Martin breaks out the highlights and provides a link to the entire study here.

Fred Jacobs writes this morning about the "PPM Conundrum" - concluding with a question to ponder. Its a great read. Here. And I'm to believe that balance is the answer.

Led Zeppelin. Another radio station promotion taking advantage of the rock reunion of the decade:

Congrats to KYZX/Colorado Springs. I just really hope that if they (or anyone else) bought tickets off eBay, they've read this and have it covered.

Springsteen's "Radio Nowhere". On August 24th, I wrote here about a "certain New York City AC station" leaking the record before its official release to radio; learned through one of the playlist monitor services that morning. Just caught this from Bob Shannon writing on All Access:

"....according to Wikipedia, WPLJ's Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill played this song twice on August 24th. After the first airing, a voice representing himself as a disgruntled Sony representative called in ordering them not to play it again I'm not sure if this was real or a bit. Either way, Scott and Todd told the caller they wouldn't play the song again as long as he was on the phone with them. Then, they hung up and played "Radio Nowhere" for a second time."

Now you know....(Paul Harvey pause).....the rest of the story.

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