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Good evening from Michigan!

Top 40 There's been some buzz on the engineering boards about a New York City low-power TV station on channel 6 thats about to come on the air with a top 40 format. But it will be run as a radio station. Website here.

TV 6 audio is at 87.7 and is received by most FM radios; and this same concept was run successfully in Anchorage, AK not long ago. See here. Only problem is that Arbitron won't list a TV station, even if its run as a radio station.

From my blogosphere:

Your positioning line. Mark Ramsey writes:

"And anyone who thinks your radio brand is no more than your positioning line should be reminded that this is not the 70's, and just because you're stuck on Band-Aid, doesn't mean Band-Aid's stuck on you."

A good read here.

Arbitron. I still believe one of the most reasonable remarks over the current PPM issues is summed up by Consultant Harv Blain:

"Why they (Arbitron) aren't asking the consultants who work for a lot of their customers for brain trust power escapes me."

Harv Blain writes here.

McVay Media's Dave Lange adds his two cents on the PPM issues - concluding:

"The advertisers just want real - believable data and the diary and old sample systems can't do the job. But, the problem boils down to the old foundation of any research - getting a representative sample. Hopefully we can deliver it as an industry and quick - there are other places to spend media dollars out there."

Read Dave's entire piece here. Jaye Albright also has a great post on the Arbitron's PPM problems ("ARB's PPM New York Fiasco Didn't Have To Happen") here.

Air Talent Who Want To Win. A great piece by Jay Mitchell here.

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