Friday, January 4, 2008

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

22° - clear at 9:53pm

A short week - but it felt like a full one.
No time for play; a busy one for yours truly with the day and night jobs. Its all good.

This weekend Jodi is at a scrapbooking retreat of sorts; so its me and our two boys enjoying the bachelor life for the next few days. Tomorrow we'll check out National Treasure: Book Of Secrets at a local theater.

Promotions around the dial:

WMGK/Philadelphia is sending listeners to the Super...something with the "MGK'S Big Game We're Not Allowed To Name Contest".

WMGK says that although they don't know what teams are playing - they "do know that Tom Petty is playing at half-time". See here.

WMGK even has a page on their website devoted to why they can't use the real name of that big annual football event. Here.

Stupid human tricks. And the start of a great promotion. CFMI/Vancouver is offering listeners a chance to "Live Like Jake" - that's AM Driver Jake Edwards. Details here.

On The Road: WNNJ/Newton, NJ taking the morning show on the road. It's "Rob's Diner Tour". Two road trips done already - number 3 happens January 18th.

Pictures and more here.

I've written about others doing this here (and here) before. A great way to "shake hands/kiss babies" and bond with your listeners.

WKLH/Milwaukee brings in the New Year with "Idle American" - looking for the city's biggest couch potato. Prize is worth "almost $10,000....because we got lazy". Fun stuff. See here.

Reminder: Arbitron Winter survey rating period kicks off next Thursday. Spring book begins April 3rd. But you knew that already.

More promos over the weekend.

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