Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When It All Comes Together

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Kudos to Greater Media/Detroit's Marketing people again for more brilliance. Back in June, I mentioned here on this blog that the company's WCSX was hitting a home run with "Putting The Workforce Back To Work", with job listings and email updates for registered listeners looking for work.

The company is taking it a step farther with a "networking party" this Thursday night to bring participating employers and potential employees together. Also attending is a career counseling firm. See here.

Very cool.
I have to believe that there's some NTR dollars involved here. Add the timely nature of the unemployment situation (especially here in Michigan - far above the national average), plus a web component and you've got a win/win for the station, employers and those listeners sitting on the beach right now. This scores points with everyone.

If you're a PD in a market with high unemployment - take this example into your next meeting with your GM, sales and promotion manager. Ideas like this are worth sharing.

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