Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

Welcome to Wednesday. Yesterday in mid-Michigan we had great spring weather; hitting 73°. This morning its light snow and 34°.

Blogs and more:

FM IPOD. The feature most IPOD owners would like to see on their IPODs are an FM tuner. That from the latest Jacobs Media Tech Survey of 25,000 rock radio listeners. Read more from Fred Jacobs here.

Survey sez: Classic Rock listeners are least likely to own or purchase an MP3 player among all rock listeners surveyed.

More IPOD. Mark Ramsey discusses the IPOD and why Apple only offers FM as an add-on. Read here. Alan Mason of Goodratings Strategic Services offers his thoughts here.

Intelligent Radio. Music industry veteran Steve Meyer writes about creating a radio station that focuses on the quality of music. Read here. Actually, I can think of a few Classic Rock stations that focus on the quality of the music they play.

Imaging Inspiration. What imaging did your station do around St. Patrick's Day or for the start of the baseball season? Get some motivation from this post from Lee Abrams on what XM does - and think how you can turn those ideas into short imaging pieces on your station.

Son Of The Year Award. I'm sure your morning show was talking about it - but if you missed this little tidbit from Rolling Stone Keith Richards yesterday here it is. Keith does the job to get his name in the news. Can Britney top this?

REO Speedwagon. We wrote a few weeks back about the Bob & Tom appearance by the band. Thursday Morning, members of REO joins WKLH/Milwaukee's Dave & Carole during morning drive (Central Time Zone). Listen here.

And speaking of WKLH's Dave & Carole
- they've released their new TV spot for the spring book...enjoy:

Have a great Wednesday.

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