Tuesday, April 24, 2007

WCSX/Detroit $20k Commercial Casting Call

Simply a great promotion.

We mentioned here about a month ago - that WCSX/Detroit was offering a $20,000 prize the listener who can produce the station's next TV commercial.

Now the finalists have been announced;
and their entries are posted on the WCSX website so "Workforce Members" can pick a winner.

You can see all 14 finalists

Some comments: The production values of these spots far exceed what I ever imagined. With the availability today of inexpensive high-quality digital video gear - including cameras and editing software - almost anyone with a little talent and imagination can turn out some great video.

Add professional voice-over work as needed and you'd swear some of these spots were the work of production pros. A few entrants even understood the concept of a logo "bug" in the corner of the screen throughout the spot!

Another observation: You can tell that these listeners really get the positioning statements and programming attributes of the radio station.

They know 'CSX:
The no-repeat work week, the morning show, the "five o'clock funnies", etc.

Having listeners help produce content - be it on the radio or on television - gives them ownership and turns them into advocates.

WCSX just set the bar a few notches higher. Congrats!

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