Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

Sunny and 53° here at 10am.

Minor League Baseball.
Last night, the family and I attended another Lansing Lugnut game. What a great time!; And it didn't matter that the Lugnuts lost 3-2 to the Clinton (IA) Lumberkings.

Its the experience. The Lugnuts get it: from the greeting as you enter the front gate - to keeping it fun and involving the fans throughout the game - to saying "thank you and good night" as one leaves the stadium. The game itself is just a part "the Lugnut experience".

I've mentioned this before: Here in Lansing, the Lugnuts are the best family entertainment value for our dollar. Without question.

More on the experience: Read this from Bill Jacobs. And thanks to Bill for turning me onto the Fish website.

Listened to Bob Stroud - WDRV this morning.
Bob mentioned that another Bob - Bob Seger - celebrated his 62nd birthday yesterday.

Last Sunday.
We mentioned a piece written by Jim Kerr of Pollack Media on Lone Star 92.5/Dallas - and how that station was designed for streaming on the internet. Pollack Media now has it posted on their website here. A good read.

Breaking The Rules.
When is it OK for the talent to break the rules? Never? Now and then? Jay Trachman writes about this in FMQB -

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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