Friday, May 4, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Happy Friday!

Classic Rock Winter ARBs. They're rolling in. Classic rock continues to show its strength in many markets.

In New York City, WAXQ PD Bob Buchmann - on the station website - tells listeners: "Just a quick word of thanks for all your support of Classic Rock on Q104.3. Many people said we would never be a long-term success...the morons!"

"You have proven them wrong with your support of the station. Arbitron says we have nearly 1,400,000 listeners. Many of our newest listeners are your kids. You're certainly bringing them up right!"

"The Winter 2007 numbers...thanks to you: In America, the largest rock station! In the New York Tri-State, the #1 station for Men 25-54!"

In Chicago: WDRV continues to "drive over heritage rockers" in the market (per Robert Feder in the Chicago Sun-Times). In Denver, KRFX has their best 12+ showing in recent history. And in Minneapolis, KQRS leads the market 12+. Very nice.

Marketing. A must read (and listen) here from Mark Ramsey - as he visits with Punk Marketing author Richard Laermer. Thank you for sharing Mark.

David Martin continues his excellent series on hiring and recruitment. Yesterday Dave wrote about the interview process and checking references. Read Dave's blog here. More education.

Rick Kaempfer. Former morning radio show producer and one of our favorite writers. His blog is one of our "just for fun" links to the right.

His "Radio Producers Handbook" is excellent - and now he's released (just out this week) a satirical novel about radio and the broadcast biz: "$everance". Its available
here and at independent bookstores.

I'm waiting to read! See this promotional video for the book.
I hope its a million-seller Rick!

More here Sunday Morning. Have a great weekend.

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