Friday, June 22, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Friday here already; this week went by too fast.

I'll be heading to Milwaukee to retrieve my 11-year old son who spent this week touring Wisconsin with his best friend (and family) from our old neighborhood in Durango, Colorado.

Rather than do even more driving than last weekend - I'm taking the
Lake Express Ferry across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee and back. New adventure. Will have my pocket radio and ear buds!

Nice Promo:
Country KYGO/Denver held a "belly flop" contest yesterday with contestants competing to win a Mexico trip. Video (windows media) here.

Streaming day of silence:
This Tuesday has been designated as a "day of silence" for America's webcasters to protest (and generate public awareness) of the pending royalty rate hikes.

Only one broadcast group has announced their participation on Tuesday: Greater Media. Read

Jerry Del Colliano writes this morning
on the day of silence here - and asks why more broadcast groups are not participating. Added: another take on the day of silence from consultant Jaye Albright here.

Research. Music researcher Steve Casey blogs - here - about his concerns with giving listeners too much control of your programming - and offers some thoughts.

Seth Godin.
Mark Ramsey has posted chapter 6 of his conversation with Seth Godin - here - a must-listen for all radio management.

Have a great weekend.

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