Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Classic Rock Promotion Update

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Left: KRFX/Denver promoting AMD show podcasts Great photo!

Good Morning!

More summer ARB:
In his Newsletter this morning, Tom Taylor writes: "I’ve now talked to several people who’ve peeked at the hush-hush pre-pre-currency People Meter numbers for New York, and they just smile when you ask about how well WCBS-FM could do in electronic measurement."

I gotta believe that many of Clear Channel's New York stations will benefit too - if what format-specific PPM performance demonstrated so far in the Houston and Philadelphia holds up.

Back to Tom Taylor - he notes Opie & Anthony didn't have a good summer book in NYC - the other WXRK dayparts outperforming the morning show. I keep asking: where is this show pulling any big numbers?

More cool promotions from classic rock radio:

Hottest Mom.
WAXQ/New York has five grand for the hottest mom. A promotion that will drive traffic to the station website to submit and vote on pics submitted by listeners. Presented female-friendly (avoiding a "MILF" twist); check it out here.

Who Are You? We've written before here (and later here) about this web-based promotion that lets the listeners share their personal stories with other listeners.

Now WCSX/Detroit is joining WGRF/Buffalo (where we first saw this) and KZOK/Seattle with this great promotion - one your sales department can benefit from too (think "listener profile").

Speaking of WGRF/Buffalo - here's something I think I've seen before. Great ideas are meant to be "borrowed" !!!

See PD John Hagar's version of this promotion here. WGRF/97 Rock certainly has the market heritage to pull this off.

Personal note:
Read that WVIC/Lansing-Jackson, MI PD/PMD talent Joe Thomas is out after a late Monday format change. WVIC dropped "classic hits" in favor of "soft rock". "soft AC"

Joe was my cross-town competition when I programmed here; and one of the first to shoot me a kind email after the budget axe cost me my job earlier this year.

Joe's a class act - and I wish him and the others affected from WVIC the best of luck in securing a new gig.

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Anonymous said...

From the first time I heard him I thought that this radio market didn't deserve Joe Thomas. He made listening to WVIC more personal, and the nuggets of rock wisdom he often dropped never stank.

First thing I heard when I turned on WVIC today? "Quit playing games with my heart," by the Backstreet Boys. I respectfully disagree with this programming decision.

Guess I'll have to start bringing CD's with me in the car again.