Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Up All Night - Sleep All Day

58° - mostly cloudy at 5am

Here I be - up since 3:30am - which will surely catch up to me later. But it gave me a chance again to check out Lansing's live local overnight television show.

How many radio stations are "live" overnight??; I can think of one - maybe two in this market.

The local CW affiliate - a "cable only" channel operated by Lansing's ABC affiliate - has a program overnight (1-6am) called "Text Me TV". The show has college-aged hosts discussing the things that college-aged people talk about....meaningful (jobs, relationships, school, etc.) but mostly impromptu "silly stuff".

This morning discussing relationships, candy, road trip stories, fast food, alcohol - and singing theme songs to favorite cartoon shows. Later: homeless people digressing into "what makes a bum a bum"; number of friends on their personal MySpace pages and picking on/mimicking a colorful local car dealer who does his own TV commercials.

Viewers participate by texting into the show with their messages posted on the right side of the screen; just 99 cents a message.

Its consumer-generated media appealing to (and created by) 18-24 year olds. And a few old men.

Many of the viewers texting appear to be "regulars" - similar to regular callers to talk radio.

I blogged here about "Text Me TV" here back in February. Visit the show's website here.

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