Monday, October 15, 2007

Late "Monday Monday" Update

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Good evening from Okemos.

Summer Arbitrons.
First reports this afternoon. 12+ showing show classic rock remaining stable in the top three markets.

New York's WAXQ is flat; likewise in LA with KLOS - and in Chicago the WDRV/WWDV simulcast dips slightly 12+ from spring - but ahead of the prior winter and fall books.

The big story is New York with great numbers for oldies/classic hits WCBS-FM (welcome back) and erosion for AC WLTW. Catch the numbers in the usual places.

Dave Lange.
Dave has some suggestions for Arbitron on reaching and recruiting those problem 18-34 year olds; still a big trouble area for the folks in Columbia. Dave's thoughts go beyond cell phones. Read here.

Bruce. Streetpulse reporting via All Access that Mr. Springsteen's new CD "Magic" remains #1 on the sales chart for a second week. Think its classic rock demos driving these sales?

HD Radio. More committment from the HD Radio Alliance to promote hardware and programming. Read R&R here.

Kudos to those efforts - and especially to those broadcasters investing dollars in HD2 programming.

That said - I still agree with Mark Ramsey - his comment quoted here last week - and repeated here:
"HD must transparently appear everywhere. And the only way that will happen is if it's feasible to build it into a $15 dollar clock radio. The "HD advantage" must be free and invisible to consumers."

Jaye Albright: "If you're not talking about what's going on in your local community right now, someone else is." And Jaye asks: "Shouldn't we be doing this?

More tomorrow.

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PocketRadio said...

"Kudos to those efforts - and especially to those broadcasters investing dollars in HD2 programming."

"HD Radio Alliance Renews Charter, Commits $230M in 2008"

"Has the HD Radio Alliance done a proper risk analysis for investing another $230 million to sell this failed (present tense) technology? Here's what has happened with HD Radio to date: nothing. Here's what investing another $230 million means for broadcast radio's audience: Another year of being pounded with HD Radio commercials that aren't drawing interest. Finally, here's what that investment by the radio industry means to its bottom line: All of these former radio advertisers are now getting free mentions on radio while they cut back the amount they used to spend for radio advertising."

What a waste of more hundreds-of-millions!